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Month: February 2020

Picking a 93 Octane Gas Station

A follow up to Han’s previous thread. I did some research online on what is the best 93 octane gas for our cars and what gas station provides it. My findings, after reading different information on the web was Shell V Power is the best. I compared it to Sunoco which sponsors Nascar and Shell which sponsors Ferrari F1 for many years now. The feedback on everything on the web is Shell V Power Wins.

The issue was where I live, Shell V Power goes for around 3.40/gallon and Sunoco 93 goes for around 3.20/gallon. So I signed up for the Shell Gas Card!! You get around 10 cents of a gallon once you use that card and link it to an APP called Fuel Rewards. Right now Shell V Power due to the Coronavirus issue is down to 3.25/gallon. WIth the Shell card, it brings it to 3.15/gallon, which i think is pretty good. There is annual savings which is marginal, but it RIPs the issue of if you are filling the right Gas.

The word on the web is Shell V Power is better for your engine, in terms out output and mileage. The other gas stations have some quality issues and there is a Shell next to where I live every 1 mile. Please note, the price between the Shell Gas stations vary too. So you can use your cars Nav to find the best Shell, or the Fuel rewards APP.

Best of Luck!!! Could be a bunch of marketing I read on the web, but I think I am sticking with Shell V Power rest of the way.

President vs Statesman

Today, we ponder about whether our car fits into a category of being seeing on the road as a government car or a statesman going to a business meeting. I will compare two cars for your review. The first one being a government car and next one being a statesman.

A Cadillac which is officially seen as the Presidents limo is one that aligns itself with a government car. Sometimes on the road, very high-ranking officials often use Cadillacs. They are often above Ford Explorer K9 units we see on the road. As in often the case, if the car has a dark color, blue or black it usually slows traffic down as its perceived to be a cop car. Right now, there is no Cadillac as of today in production that will fill this space, but my sources say more are coming.

On the other hand, we have a Statesman and a car usually used worldwide. The Mercedes Benz. This car is used widely by statesmen all over the world. In some countries this might be the only car available. It is a classic and has established itself as a symbol of power in society. Note, now we have a sub performance brand called Mercedes AMG which designs track cars for the freeways. Its gained traction over the years and is the benchmark for other car brands. If you see one on the freeway, you definitely know it’s not a cop but a high-ranking businessman.

To summarize, both are awesome! Whether you want to be perceived as a government official or a statesman. I have had the luxury of being on both sides. It is up to your personal preference on which car you want to drive, but always keep it in your mind that if you are here Stateside, both cars are awesome.