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Month: January 2020

An Eye To Keep On – Cadillac

As per some information from GM Authority and Car and Driver, the next CT5 Blackwing or whatever it is named will carry the current CTS-V Supercharged engine with a little bump in Horsepower. We might be looking at around 670 Horses. In addition, this information has not been released yet – but I expect a new interior as previewed at the CES this year. It might be a large dual screen. We shall see how it plays out and whether GM decides to put it in this car. The next Escalade already might carry the dual screens. They seem to be identical to the MBUX system currently in the Mercedes AMG models. Below is a short video from GM Authority, I don’t believe I can hear the supercharger from the outside. In any case, the AMG E63s has some serious competition.

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Testing The Revs

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see to what the precise redline of a C63s actually is, as videos online comparing a BMW M3 cs don’t do justice to an AMG. After placing the car in Race mode and automatic shifting the car would switch gears up precisely at the redline of 7000 RPM. It would just be perfect with all the twin turbo boost. The shifts were soft and did not crack my neck!! Also, it gives me good insight on how to use my paddles more effectively. The picture above was really tough to take and was on the TRACK and the car is in sports mode during its cool down period. The rubber did have a good smell though, when I parked the AMG back in my garage.