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Carbon Ceramic Brakes

This is a good video if you want to option Carbon Ceramics on your next car. I am getting it, you should too.

BMW iDrive 7

After a 11 year hiatus we might be back!!

MB Crash Tales

Does anybody get this? Its really deep

Mercedes Vision AVTR

I believe we will be sticking to Mercedes Benz here on out. After careful consideration of evaluating several brands across the board, Mercedes Benz wins in these categories 1) Safety 2) Quality. Safety being the utmost importance, and of course, quality following it right after. These are top characteristics we cannot forget when buying a car. I do understand depreciation of these cars is much more than some other brands, however, SAFETY First (1). Just to give you the brands vision of the future, see the following video. Credit – RBR (RAZ)

Corvette C8.R

This one will make you think and think again…



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